Motion Stool 2820

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Distinctly Dynamic. A Rocking Addition to today´s office. Remy’s under-seat push buttons allow you to adjust height easily, making it simple to go from sitting to perching. It features a secure non-slip and non-skid tread on its convex base for a confident sit.

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Right on-trend with the active sitting revolution the 2820 makes taking a seat dynamic. Today’s workers spend more than six hours sitting per day. The Motion Stool can help by making moving easy. By engaging the user’s core, promoting great posture and supporting a healthy hip-to-femur angle, the Motion Stool is the smart choice for an alert, engaged workforce.

  • Motion stool for active sitting
  • 20° of rocking motion and 360° swivel encourages movement through the day
  • Naturally creates a healthy hip-to-femur angle to engage core muscles and support good posture
  • Push-button height adjustability works with sitting or standing desks
  • Curved base features a non-slip tread
  • Lightweight for flexibility
  • Warranted for 300 lbs.

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